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Bringing Inspiration And Innovation To Your Life.

Our success story began in 1994 when Naman Marbles Pvt. Limited was established with a vision to bring innovation and inspire people to view marble in a different light. Our dedication to providing solutions and bringing forth trends in the market made our venture triumphant.

Our dedication to customer service, technology and innovation further helped us uphold our core belief that marble is more than just stone; it’s a way of life.

The Journey

The care in the refinement and distribution of the most high-quality marbles, combined with the reliability and know-how of staff with decades of experience means Naman Marble has been able to make it’s position known in the industry and shape even the most exclusive design ideas, making it possible for concepts to become absolute architecture. This is the soul of Naman Marble today.

Naman Marble

Our strength

The persistent strive of Naman Marble for promoting world class products, introducing new varieties as well as a highly dedicated staff focused on customer satisfaction serves as the core strengths of our company. We procure high-class marbles from quarries around the world, and supply them to our robust network of builders, traders, architects and home-owners alike.

From this passion of procuring the best products emerges the excellence in their use: Naman Marble has helped shape into reality various hotels, buildings, private homes and public buildings, always ensuring a successful fulfillment of every design project.

Key Breakthrough

In 2007, our company reached new heights when it became on of the top companies in Kishangarh licensed to import rough marble blocks. At present, our company has strong relations with quarry owners in some of the greatest countries around the world including Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, Spain, China and other European countries.

We provide the best quality of marble from these regions, with the widest range of colours. From the most to the least intense shades, from the subtlest to the most distinct veining and to the purest white, our range is chosen to suit the needs of any project.


Our mission at Naman Marble is to be at the forefront of natural stone sale and production, and to provide solutions for all consumers by providing the best quality at competitive prices.


Our vision goes beyond sales as we thrive to be the groundbreakers in terms of Marble providers in India. We wish to continuously innovate and develop our products, systems, processes, services and more to ultimately have a satisfied customer base and create value for every stakeholder involved.